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Newsletters Today

Sending out a Newsletter is a common way to connect with your customer. Often they contain time sensitive promotions or events. In a traditional Newsletter, the customer is required to make effort into remembering the event, when the time matters. Alternatively, shops may send out a second e-mail, but this often is frowned upon, making customers mark email as spam.

Newsletters With CirCal

With CirCal, you can not only reduce the amount of sent e-mails, thereby increasing the likelihood, of not being marked as spam, but you can also help your customers to remember the event. Reminder button, once clicked, will create a one-to-one communications channel with that user specifically, valuing his preferences and privacy.
This feature requires no effort to implement and is fully compatible with your existing newsletter service.

Facebook Today

Facebook is one of the most popular ways our clients interact with their customers. However, a story only appears on the wall of your followers for an average of 2 hours. The problem is not only in the short time that your event is exposed, but also in the fact that up to 60% of the traffic is mobile. It is very unlikely that in such environment user will be capable of making a future note for him self, to remember the seen event.

Facebook With CirCal

With CirCal Business, this issue is no longer. Next to the buttons for Like, Comment and Share, CirCal adds Remind button, which ensures that Your customer will be automatically reminded when the event comes closer. Furthermore, you can engage in one-to-one dialog, offering special deal directly to that customer. We are here to help You close the leads.

Ads Today

Advertising Your events can make your events more visited. Often however, you advertise ahead of time, and there is a considerable chance that by the start of event, a major amount of people who initial saw your add, have now forgotten it.

Ads With CirCal

CirCal has partnered with many ad-networks to allow you put Remind Me button, next to your ad. Many of your customers will now be reminded to buy the tickets, if they have not done so already.

Other Features You'll Love

SMS Subscriptions

Make it simple for Your Customers, to follow your events. With CirCal customers may send an SMS Remember HM Sales and he will be kept up to date, with events that he want to know about, valuing his preferences and privacy.

SMS Reminders

SMS Reminders is just one of many ways subscribed users, will be notified about your events. This requires no effort from your customers - no calendars, no apps, no complicated setups. You can set up to 3 individual reminders, ensuring your customers are never lost in the process.

QR Codes

QR Codes are one of the ways that our clients use to engage in conversation with their customers. Printed on billboards or displayed on large LED screens, it makes it convenient for a pedestrians to take a snapshot and save the event to their calendar. Irregardless of the methods you choose, you always get 1:1 direct channel to your customer, allowing you to communicate further offers, or just provide reminders.

EventBrite Support

EventBrite is a time tested way of selling places to your events. Very often however, customers take a look at event, but have to talk with their wife, husband or friends before deciding on actually participating. During this process, many potential customers are lost, as they can easily forget about the event, once they are home. With CirCal EventBrite integration this no longer is an issue. Simply include the CirCal Remind Button, and see the effects immediately.

For WordPress

CirCal offers Plug and Play WordPress plugin, which allows your customers both remember events and follow entire calendar(s). Compatible with latest WordPress 3.5.x and available for CirCal Business Customers today.

For Your Website

CirCal Reminders, Remember Button and Event Widget works across any platform. You are always in full control of look and feel.
Furthermore - no changes needed at all. Integrating any CirCal components is a matter of copying two lines of code.

And More... All enjoyed by our Clients

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