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In 1898 a group of advertising experts concluded that consumers behaviour towards making a purchase can be modeled after a simple model, now known as AIDA, standing for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. This model dictates how users have to go through these steps in order to make a purchase.

Modern analytics shows that there is a gap between a moment customer has come aware of the event and before actually joining it (performing action), and even the top companies, with endless marketing resources have trouble driving customers from Awareness phase towards them actually attending the events. CirCal closes this gap, boosting event attendance and growing your sales.

Why CirCal

Capitalizing Your Traffic and Customers.

We know that to win customers, one have to engage in a dialog with them, maintaining their interest and keeping them updated. By using world-class technology, CirCal’s products and services are able to close the gap between potentially aware and actual customers. The technology includes plug-n-play reminder service, seamless integration across digital channels and physical mediums, as well as performance analytics. Today CirCals' partners enjoy significant improvement in number of returning customers and their satisfaction.

Enhancing your relationship with potential customers has never been easier. Your customers' initial interest and the execution of your event is a space of opportunity, that CirCal helps you leverage.

  • CirCal gets the potential customer to remember your event.
  • CirCal provides ongoing close contact with the potential customer.
  • CirCal maintains the potential customer in a relationship to you and your event.
  • CirCal allows you to give each potential customer personal benefits that make your event more attractive.
  • You have converted a larger part of your potential customers to actual customers.

Event Lifecycle Management

Time is a critical parameter with it comes to announcing your events. On the one hand you want to tell about your events in good enough time to get as many people as possible to hear about it - but on the other hand not so early that people cannot remember the event.

Making people remember your events is another big challenge for event publishers. Often you will have to balance between making sure that the potential customer keeps the event in the back of his head and the risk of spamming your stakeholders.

CirCal Event Lifecycle Management answer to the question:

How do I announce my event in good time and yet make people remember it?

Is “By maintaining peoples interest in your event from the first second they hear about it, until the event is over.”

CirCal Event Lifecycle Management answer to the question:

How do I communicate with people and maintain their interest in my upcoming event without having to spam them?

Is “By communicating directly to the person that showed interest. By setting up personal and rewarding reminders. By sending a timed call to action, and by reducing those annoying errors that occur when you are using repeated manually contact.”

CirCal Event Lifecycle Management is leading to better business execution and more satisfying results.


that our customers love

  • Automatic Customizable Reminders
  • CirCal allows you to set up a reminder, and we will then find the best way of delivering it, either through mail or SMS, straight to calendar or both.

  • QR Codes
  • Print a QR Code for your customers to add the event to their CirCal calendars.

  • SMS Codes
  • Your customers don't need to install any app. Simply sending a custom SMS code will register their interest, and keep them up to date with reminders.

  • Website Widgets
  • Allowing you to build strong online following.

  • Keep direct customer contact
  • You can always contact your customers in a full Privacy protected environment.

  • Advertise your Events
  • Take part in CirCal advertising partner network, and make your events known through many of our partner channels..

  • For Event Publishers
  • Boost your attendance, and grow Your Business

  • For Event Advertisers
  • Use your regular monthly customer base for earning additional revenue, along with getting more relevant content.

Event Lifecycle Management step by step

Step 1: Awareness

It is all about making your customers aware of you events. Weather you create an awareness email, newsletter, tell about the event on your website, in social medias, via advertisement, affiliate networks, in your store, on your desk, wall or store - CirCal has tools you can integrate that will make it easy for your customer to remember your event.

Often you don’t have more than a few seconds to catch the users’ interest, make them remember you event and note it down. CirCal ensures that via one click, across identities and platform, the user will remember and dedicate himself to your event.

Step 2: Communication

Within CirCal ELM your customers can share and tell their friends that they found your event, that they want to join and know if their friends are going too. They can even invite a friend from the contact book immediately.

After people has shown interest and spread the word of an event, most people tend to forget about it. At this point sending out personal messages is important. CirCal ELM gives you the opportunity of a valuable reminder: They need to register, plan with the family, book flight ticket.

Step 3: Maintenance

After the event has ended, you surely want to know if your customers were satisfied! By a simple click every attendee can rate your event on a scale after your choice and provide qualitative feedback.

And the obvious next step is inviting them to your next exiting event!

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