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How can CirCal help you

No matter how you choose to live your life, CirCal can make managing your time and getting together with others easier and more fun.

Helping you through a busy career

You have lots of meetings at work, in your network groups, and wouldn’t it be great to remember your appointments with family and friends as well. Just create a calendar circle for each group to keep track and make appointments with work, networks, family and friends. All in one calendar.

Enjoying Student Life

You probably have many circles of friends and classmates, a student job, and a time schedule at university. Maybe even your parents want to see you now and then. Create a circle for each of your interest groups and let CirCal help you keep track of your life.

Closer with Family

With CirCal you can share your whereabouts with your wife and children, keep track of your work calendar, and make plans with your circles of friends.

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  • Make CirCal Your Master Calendar
  • CirCal automatically imports your existing social and business calendars (Outlook, iCal, Google) into one easy-to-view application.

  • Organize your contacts
  • Create social ‘circles’ (family, friends, work, classmates, clubs) to make sharing events clear and simple.

  • Share future events
  • Share your forthcoming activities with friends and family and other circles so they can decide to join you..

  • Send messages
  • Scheduling appointments is easy with in-app messaging. Follow conversation threads for each event or appointment.

  • Prevent double bookings
  • Get a complete overview of appointments with family, friends and work so you never have to be in two places at the same time.

  • Never miss an event
  • Stay informed about events in your circles so you’re always at the right place and at the right time.

  • Manage Privacy
  • Share activities and events with your circles as you choose (no need to share your entire calendar).